At ActiGraph, we believe strong and productive partnerships are vital to our mission of pioneering the digital transformation of clinical research.



Partnership Program

The ActiGraph Accelerant Partnership Program was developed to better enable our CRO and technology partners to sell and deliver our digital health technology (DHT) solutions to clinical trial sponsors. Accelerant program partners receive a variety of services and benefits at three different commitment levels.

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Accelerant™Partnership Program Plans

Accelerant™ On-Ramp

Accelerant On-Ramp

Entry level partnership to help your team build knowledge and expertise to support new opportunities to deploy ActiGraph DHTs.

  • Sales training, product training, and science training
  • Co-marketing activities
  • SME certification on ActiGraph capabilities
Accelerant™ API

Accelerant API

Comprehensive technology partnership to help trials run smoothly with full support, API integration, and access to raw study data. 

  • Fully enabled technology integration for API
  • Demo studies and demo devices
  • Patient-facing app integration
  • Full support access
  • Raw data access
Accelerant™ Enabled

Accelerant Enabled

Advanced, fully-enabled partnership to support clinical trials at scale with dedicated technical and scientific support at every stage.

  • Service enablement for some study start-up activities
  • Level 1 tech support handed off to partner
  • Custom algorithm deployment
  • Scientific consulting hours

Accelerant Services and Benefits

Tier 1
Accelerant On-Ramp

Tier 2
Accelerant API

Tier 3
Accelerant Enabled

Sales, Product, Science Training website-icons_check-teal website-icons_check-ocean website-icons_check-plum
Co-Marketing website-icons_check-teal website-icons_check-ocean website-icons_check-plum
SME Certification website-icons_check-teal website-icons_check-ocean website-icons_check-plum
API Integration   website-icons_check-ocean website-icons_check-plum
Demo Studies and Devices    website-icons_check-ocean website-icons_check-plum
Mobile App Integration   website-icons_check-ocean website-icons_check-plum
Full Support Access   website-icons_check-ocean website-icons_check-plum
Raw Data Access   website-icons_check-ocean website-icons_check-plum
Service Enablement for Some Study Startup Activities     website-icons_check-plum
Level 1 Technical Support Handoff     website-icons_check-plum
Custom Algorithm Deployment     website-icons_check-plum
Scientific Consulting Hours      website-icons_check-plum

Pioneering the Digital Transformation of Clinical Research™