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Gait and Balance

Gait and balance disorders are major causes of falls, and predict future falls more consistently than other identified risk factors.

Poor gait and balance is inability to control and maintain body position comfortably while performing normal activities such as sitting, standing, walking and climbing stairs. ActiGraph technology can be used to objectively quantify gait and balance, both during supervised, in-clinic tests and continuously in a real-world, everyday environment. Quantitative and objective assessments of gait and posture can reveal very subtle changes in gait characteristics that might not be obvious otherwise – sometimes years prior to a clinical diagnosis. Detection of falls and assessment of fall-risk in real life is also where wearables can provide valuable information to the clinical care of people with chronic diseases.

Walking speed, stride velocity, real-world 6-minute walking distance (RW-6MWD), fall Detection and fall-risk.

Gait and Balance
Gait and Balance Table

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