Decentralized Clinical Trials
The Future is Now
The COVID-19 pandemic has not just accelerated the adoption of decentralized clinical trials,
it has made them critical to the continuity of drug development research during this time.
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The CentrePoint
Insight Watch
Medical-Grade Actigraphy Monitoring, Redefined
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Real-World Data Capture & Management, Simplified
High quality, continuous activity and sleep data,
available in near real time
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ActiGraph is the leading provider of medical-grade wearable activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global research community. Built on nearly 25 years of real-world data capture expertise, ActiGraph’s validated activity monitors and innovative, client-driven software platforms provide high quality, objective patient measures, along with comprehensive data management, analytics, and logistics support.

Clinical Trials

We deliver real-world information about patient behaviors to help investigators and sponsors make faster, better-informed clinical decisions based on high quality data.

Academic Research

ActiGraph monitoring solutions have been used in thousands of academic research and large-scale population health studies around the world to objectively measure the physical activity, mobility, sedentary behavior, and sleep of study participants in real-world and laboratory settings.

Sleep Assessment

The ActiGraph system deliver continuous, 24-hour sleep/wake data, including a detailed report for each sleep period, with minimal subject burden.

Home Health

Our technology ecosystem supports the development of custom remote patient monitoring systems to capture and deliver data in near real time.