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Accelerating Rare Disease Drug Development with Wearable Digital Health Technologies

ActiGraph is Pioneering the Digital Transformation of Clinical Research

ActiGraph is the only technology partner that offers an end-to-end digital health technology (DHT) solution combining best in class, medical-grade wearable devices, a scalable remote monitoring platform powered by state-of-the-art algorithms, and full service operational and data science support to ensure the successful collection of fit-for-purpose, patient-centered digital measures. 

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ActiGraph is the only technology partner that offers a fully transparent, fit-for-purpose DHT solution for the clinical research community. Our validated wearable devices and remote monitoring platform provide patient-centered digital outcome measures of physical activity, sleep, and functional mobility for clinical drug development and academic research studies across a range therapeutic areas.

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Paving the Way to Improve Lives
Meet ActiGraph

Paving the Way to Improve Lives

Our technology is fit-for-purpose — a higher purpose. Our goal is to transform clinical research through end-to-end digital data solutions that help the clinical research community bring life-saving drugs to market faster and ultimately help people live longer healthier lives.


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Our Team is Obsessed With Data

Intelligent technology. Thoughtful design. Real-world purpose. This is the team that brings life and logic to clinical data.

Heysi Barrientos

Heysi Barrientos

Senior Program Manager

Heysi is a Sr. Program Manager who manages the development process of new medical-grade wearable technology for clinical research. She collaborates with the team of engineers, scientists, and subject matter experts to deliver new and innovative DHTs.


Pioneering the Digital Transformation of Clinical Research™