Research Study Abstract

Changes in Physical Activity and Function with Transition to Retirement Living: A Pilot Study

  • Published on Dec 2016

This pilot study examined changes in physical activity and function among older adults moving from community dwellings to retirement living. Twelve community-dwelling older adults, recruited from the wait-lists of two retirement living facilities, were assessed prior to and following the transition to retirement living. Physical activity was assessed using an Actigraph (GT3X+) activity monitor; physical activity by type was reported with the CHAMPS activity questionnaire. Physical function was assessed using the Senior Fitness Test. Objectively monitored total physical activity decreased after the transition to retirement living (p = 0.02). Reports of physical activity by type indicated that only activities of daily living decreased (p < 0.01) although intentional exercise increased (p < 0.03) with the transition. Endurance and strength also improved (p < 0.05 and p < 0.04). Pilot results indicate that possible physical benefits accrue from retirement living, although efforts to reduce sedentary time are needed.


Canadian Journal on Aging


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